What Are Golf drivers?

Golf is not just a simple game of “who can hit the ball the farthest.” It is a game of concentration and technique. In fact, half of the technique relies on the game play of the golfer, and this play includes choosing the appropriate golf club for the drive. Now, one of the most important drives a golf player would have to do is the initial swing. To pull this off, he needs to choose the best from the selection of golf drivers.

Different Type Of Golf drivers :

Golf drivers are the type of clubs often used for the first few swings. These are actually a more defined class of Woods. Woods are the golf clubs known for long distance hits. Woods are commonly used to hit the ball at the greatest possible distance from the fairway and nearer to the hole. Their hefty head and the long shaft characterize all types of woods, even the golf drivers. They are built to maximize club speed.

GolfThe biggest type of wood is called the driver. This is also called the 1-wood, as woods are categorized according to the level of loft, with 1 having the lowest loft. The loft of the driver is between 9 to 13 degrees. Aside from being the lowest-lofted, the driver is also the longest club to be found in a player’s bag. Surprisingly, it is also often the lightest club available. The driver is designed to produce the longest distance possible out of all the clubs. Because of its capabilities, it is often used in when the player is in the tee or the fairway.

Golf drivers are usually made of burrowed out titanium and very light shafts, almost feather-like in weight. Because the length of woods are often increased as time passes by, the length of the driver also follows. At the moment, a standard driver, especially ones with graphite shaft, is around 45.5 inches, or 115.6 cm long.

Golf DriversThe drivers were initially made to be slightly bigger than the common wood. As mentioned before, a wood has a relatively enormous head, with a volume going as high as 460 cm3. This is actually the USGA maximum allowable size for official games. Some drivers have even bigger heads with greater volumes. Though the greater ones are not allowed for legal games, these hefty golf drivers can be used during casual games and long drive competitions.

The shafts of woods would vary from senior type to extra-stiff. This would all depend on the preference of the player. Those who would want to maximize the long drive of this club should consider the longest shaft, which is around 48 inches. This is also the maximum allowable shaft length for professional games.

Golf ApparelBecause of its strength and light weight, it has become one of the most needed and favored golf clubs. it is also the most costly type of club out of all kinds. This is because of the focus given on the golf player’s drive distance – a longer drive lands the ball nearer the green, thereby requiring fewer strokes from the player. A well-aimed drive could increase the player’s chance of an eagle or birdie, which is scoring two or one under par, respectively.

The price of drivers falls around $130 to $500. This is the price range offered to adult amateur players and regulars. The price goes higher as the club becomes more personalized. In fact, custom-made drivers used by upscale golf players and professionals could reach as high as four to five digit prices. However, for those who want to try their hand in golf but are not as committed or as aggressively invested could purchase a golf driver for as low as $20. These are however suggested only for junior players.

Garden City Homes for Sale: A Look Back at History

In 1898, Sir Ebenezer Howard from the United Kingdom had a vision of building garden cities as an answer to the congested and increasingly inhabitable conditions of industrialized cities. The dream was to build garden city homes – large patches of land where residential and industrial communities were built around agriculture or urban gardens. Sir Howard believed that garden city homes and communities will have the capacity to improve the living conditions of city dwellers by bringing a touch of the country into the city. Garden cities were meant to be independent cities, where residents could go from home to work within short commute times while being surrounded by gardens as if they were in the countryside.

The garden city movement

garden citySince the time Sir Howard introduced the concept of garden cities it has grown into a popular urban planning movement spanning a century. It’s called ‘the garden city movement’ and has influenced the design of cities and urban communities around the world. The garden city movement first coined the now popular urban planning term ‘greenbelts’ or what we now know as well-planned residential and industrial communities built around urban gardens. It is no surprise, therefore, that looking around any major city around the world today you’ll find thriving and successful garden city communities where people are able to enjoy healthy urban living.

The popularity of garden cities has proved to be a boon for the real estate market as it guarantees the availability of garden city homes for sale in every city in the world. And not surprising to know that garden city homes are some of the most popular real estate properties today.

Like any successful movement, it all started with a vision. The initial plan was to build a small garden city with a land area of 6000 acres. The design of the first garden city was initially based on concentric circles that contained combined layers of open spaces, parks, residential areas, boulevards and industrial areas that begin at a central mark and was extended and expanded outwards. The first garden city community aimed to have a perfect balance of function and livability for the 32,000 people that it aimed to accommodate.

garden city homesTo bring his vision to life, Howard sought the support of wealthy industrialists who had the resources to invest in his vision. With a guarantee that people, tired of the unhealthy living conditions the cities provided, will be more than willing to purchase garden city homes for sale to improve their living conditions. Howard was able to convince investors to invest in the building of the very first garden city community – Letchworth Garden City.

Howard’s dream was to allow blue collar workers to be able to reside in his first garden city since they were the ones who needed their living conditions improved the most. He was not able to make available garden city homes for sale to the less affluent blue collar workers. This was in most part due to the demands of wealthy investors to recoup their investment as soon as possible which meant increasing the price tag on the garden city homes for sale in Letchworth Garden City. He should have thought about that possibility though, given his approach in acquiring funding.

Nevertheless, despite this setback Howard was able to translate his vision into reality and in the early 1900s, the first garden city was ready for occupancy in Hertfordshire, England. Letchworth Garden City was a resounding success and it was only a matter of time before the garden city home for sale signs on Letchworth Garden City were put down and the city was fully occupied by skilled middle class workers.