Guide To Custom Coins

Custom coins were primarily used to reward members of the military forces who deliver exemplary performance. This small coin features the organization’s distinctive logo. Members carry it as a proof of their membership.

The use of Challenge coins started during the World War I where all members of the United States Naval Force, the Flying Squadron received bronze coins.

History shows that one of their pilots successfully escapes captivity from the German troops. He fled to France, where they accused him of being a spy and sentenced him to death. The French forces were able to verify his identity through his bronze coin and this saved him from the execution.

Thereafter, the members of the armed forces created the medallion challenge. If a member cannot present his coin, he needs to pay a drink for the challenger.

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Nowadays, custom coins still serve as a symbol of camaraderie and solidarity among unit members. Its popularity extends to various organizations such as the fire department, police units, school clubs, weddings and many others. Customized coins feature unique elements distinct to the organization.

Challenge coins are special coins containing inscription of the name and emblem of the organization. People with significant accomplishments acquire special coins as a form of recognition.

custom coinsFor the military forces, custom coins are prized possessions. Fellow soldiers ensure that they take home the military coins of killed or wounded members. It is a great source of honor and pride for both active and retired personnel. The coins contain fascinating history, relevant experiences and profound emotions. Military officers can award military coins to civilian for their outstanding service.

Police force followed the military system of rewards with the use of coins. Customized coins help identify the members of the different units within the organization.

Government agencies mint their own coins for special purposes. They award people who demonstrated heroic acts with custom challenge coins.

Businesses, social groups and clubs adopted the trend of giving custom coins to their members. Organizations honor notable and distinguished members with customized coins. It highlights appreciation, boosts morale, and improves productivity. Awarding ceremonies encourage members to strive for excellence. Awardees accept the coin through a handshake where the grantor passes the coin from his right hand to the recipient’s right hand. The presenter confers the award with a brief description of the basis for recognition.

challenge coinsThese coins are also valuable marketing tool to advertise the company. It is an impressive token during corporate events and conferences. Companies hand over these collective items to loyal and prospective clients. Aside from promoting your organization’s vision, it can also be special merchandise for fund-raising events.

Educational sector uses customized coins as a memento among its graduates. It also serves as a symbol of students’ accomplishments in school.

Sports use challenge coins to display team spirit and unity. Athletes who deliver excellent play acquire these coins in recognition of their performance. Supporters of a team can receive these coins to acknowledge their support and keep them intact.

Weddings use specially designed matrimonial coins for the ceremony. Couples give coins engraved with designs to complement their wedding theme. In addition, it is now becoming an alternative gift during anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings.

Some people pursue a hobby of collecting coins with exceptional designs. Collectors trade it with others to add variety of coins in their collection. They prefer coins from the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Police. These military coins are labeled as Honor and Pride coins, Commander’s coins, and Unit coins. The military coins are gold plated with the squadron’s emblem. Commemorative coins released on special occasions are also significant collectibles. You can avail display cases to shield your coins from wear and tear. Some of the displays include desk pieces, glass dome, and wall hanging cabinets.

Challenge CoinMethods of creating challenge coins include die striking and die-casting. Die-casting involves melting metals and pouring it on a molded cast. The cast bears the pattern for the coin’s design. This method is applicable for coins with complex details. It is the perfect process for minting military coins. The product is a hard and solid coin capable of enduring extreme conditions. The disadvantage of die-casting is the cost of production. Manufacturers make an individual cast for every design. Therefore, they need higher quantities of purchase to offer discounted prices.

Die-striking method uses a machine to stamp the preferred pattern. This is suitable for simple to moderate levels of design. It will result to heavier and thicker coins.

Challenge coins are available in different designs and colors according to your preference. It offers affordability and durability. If you want to uphold strong ties and allegiance within your organization, you can consider purchasing custom coins. For further information, you may visit us at

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