How to Mend Rips and Holes in Clothes with

patchesMending rips and holes in your jeans, jackets, tee shirts, and other clothes can be a daunting process especially if you don’t know how to do it. But don’t worry because is here to help you make your ripped jeans new again with some interesting add-ons. If you haven’t heard of patches yet, we are proud to introduce to you the importance of using these items on damaged garments. In fact, we’ve seen an increased demand on patches due to the growing problems of people when it comes to holes in their clothing. So please feel free to read the following tips and make your clothes good as new again in no time.

Truth is even if people don’t use their clothes that often, there are high chances to damage them. And because this is a common problem to individuals across the globe, we have made efforts to offer top quality patches, custom patches and iron on patches with interesting designs to match every unique need and expectation. So if you want to get rid of the holes in your favorite clothes, let us help you find the perfect patch from You can even provide us your personal design and we will create it for you.

Longer Use of Clothes and Garments

By extending the life of your garments, you can save time, money and effort in buying new outfit for your daily needs. But do you attach patches on your clothes? Below are the methods to help you cover holes and rips in your favorite outfits:

  • Sewing machine – this is an excellent method to patch garment rips and holes. By using a sewing machine, you quickly fix the patch onto your clothes. And not only that, you can achieve the exact design you want with the help of this tool. Whether you have a patch to attach in the knees, elbows, or anywhere in your garments, this is surely the best way to do that.
  • Iron-on – and if you want to quickly fix the patch without using a sewing machine, you can simply use the iron-on method. All you need is an iron to attach the patches onto your outfit without the hassles.

The patches that we offer on are available in small and large sizes with various designs to choose from. We also artfully provide stunning covers for your problems and simply eliminate garment holes, snags, and even stains. However, for more serious problem areas, you can follow the steps below in order to save your garments:

  • Use similar fabric when patching – if possible, you can take a part of the garment that isn’t used much like the pocket. Then patch the problem area with the fabric so that it will be easier to fix. However, if you cannot find similar fabric, you can use one that is close.
  • Cut the patch out inches larger than the holes to be covered – you can even shape the patch according to your desired design. But before you cut the patch into the size you want, examine the fabric within the problem area or near the hole. With that, you can decide how big your patch should be.
  • Pin the patches in place – you can center the patch over the holes in order to properly cover the damage and protect the fabric. If you’re going to use a sewing machine, make sure to set it according to the stitch, length, width, and foot of the embroidery.

Aside from the tips we’ve mentioned above, you can also get more insights on our website by visiting today. Our professional patch makers will help you find the best design and size you need for your clothes. In addition to that, we are ready to give you the ultimate patching tips to ensure that you are fixing your clothes in the proper way. And if you have things you’d like to ask, don’t think twice – get in touch with us today and get free quotes. You can also take advantage of our webpage if you are interested to know more about the patch designs that we currently offer online.

Over the years, we have been satisfied with the kind of service we offer our clients around the world. If you need professional assistance as long as it’s related to patches, we’re here to help you. Just call us if you want to learn more tips on patching clothes and the right patterns available to match your outfits. Why struggle with damaged garments when you can have Patches4Less instantly?